• Advising and representation before Labor Inspection.
  • Advising and assistance before SMAC, nowadays of compulsory attendance.
  • Attendance before Labor Court.
  • Advising to out-of-court settlements with employees.
  • Advising to disciplinary measures (sanctions and/or dismissal).
  • Optimization and reshaping staffs.
  • Advising to labor union elections.
  • Lodging appeals and/or contests to whatever request concerning labor matters from either authorities or trade unions.
  • Payroll and Social Security management.
  • Implementing and updating collective agreements and social regulations.
  • Processing enrollments, withdraws and social security changes.
  • Social security registrations and subsequent alterations. Self-employed enrollments.
  • Employment contracts, extensions and renewals. Submitting applications for subsidies and incentives.
  • Quarterly tax income declarations, Model 110 and annual declarations model 190. Withholding tax certificates and data notifications to employers.
  • Creating an intranet for labor managing.