What our clients say about us


Ana Escudero

/ Parquets Labrador

"We have been working with them for 4 years. They are very good professionals and we are very satisfied with their work. In particular, I would like to mention the people with whom I work directly, Guiomar, Susana Serrano and Luis Víbora, for their complete dedication and for being very good warriors. I would like to point out that they were very quick and professional during the COVID-19 crisis, preparing furlough procedures completely free of charge for all the companies that work with them, with all the work that entails (documentation, etc.), and they also informed us in writing every day of everything that was officially published in the BOE (Official State Journal). I am very grateful to them and of course I RECOMMEND them 100%."


Isabel Winkels

/ Winkels Abogados

"I am Isabel Winkels, a lawyer with my own practice, with several employees and collaborators. PROLUCO has been drafting my contracts and managing my payroll for at least 5 years; they are always punctual with information, manage any incidents that occur, and respond promptly to any questions or issues that I ask of them. When the time and attendance regulations were approved, they developed an ad-hoc programme that I implemented in the office. They are always up to date with the latest legislative developments, which they send to their clients in a newsletter, and they are always ready to communicate and apply any tax or labour benefit that might be of use. Their informative and advisory work during the COVID crisis can only be described as extraordinary. It is a serious, expert and recommendable firm."


Beatriz Souto

/ Keep Doing

"We have been working with PROLUCO since we set up the company, about a year ago, on the recommendation of a friend who was already working with them and was very happy. They immediately welcomed us and we told them about our project, and it was love at first sight!!!! Every explanation they gave us and every step we took with their support has been fundamental for our start-up because it was the first time we had taken on our own project. In addition to all this, during COVID, when we were constantly advised on the things we could or could not do, they managed each procedure quickly, which caught us all by surprise, and we felt that we were not alone and that we could talk to them at any time. The service they provide is top notch."


Lily Dueñas

/ Delicias Lily

"I am very satisfied with PROLUCO. I have been advised by them for 16 years in the labour, legal and tax fields. They are highly trained professionals who earn your trust because they know their work perfectly. With PROLUCO you feel that, if you go into their offices, they will solve your problems. If you ask to speak to Luis Miguel Abajo, you know that you will leave with peace of mind because he will clear up all your doubts. Miriam Yuste, with her usual smile, is always ready to help. Laura Echarri never says “it can’t be done” and looks for the best solution to your problem. In general, they are a great and very professional team. During this State of Emergency due to COVID-19, we expected nothing less. PROLUCO has always been there to support us on all levels (often even if it was not their responsibility). I recommend this firm whenever I am asked."

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Amadeo Gutiérrez

/ María del Carmen Ruiz Ortega

"I have known PROLUCO for 4 years. The treatment from all the staff has always been unbeatable and very professional. They are always willing to help you (I have had the opportunity to contact different members of the team and I can say the same about all of them). During the COVID-19 crisis, they were able to adapt to the circumstances and functioned with total normality. Few offices in Spain would be up to the task. Thank you very much for everything you do for us."